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The Greater Toronto Area EGL

Any EGL from GTA?

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Welcome to The Greater Toronto Area Lolita community!

This community is dedicated for lolita and those who love and share the interest of the Japanese lolita fashion from GTA and just simply southern Ontario. This includes sweet lolita, gothic lolita, shiro lolita, elegant gothic lolita, wa lolita, country lolita, classic lolita, gothic aristocrat, and kodona. I am pretty sure everyone got Facebook now a days so I've made a facebook group for GTA Lolita! Here's the link: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=312411190079

Upcoming Event
Lolita tea party at Anime North

1. Please keep all topics in this community related to the Japanese Lolita Fashion style! If anything is irrelavent, it will be deleted without any notice.

2. Please do not flame this community.

3. No Arguments please ^_^" If something needs to be solved between a few people, please don't do it in this community.

4. Be nice and friendly to others and respect everyone's opinion.

5. Please have ALL PICTURES under LJ-CUT! Please keep ALL IMAGES PG-13 or under. You will never know who joins this community.

6. Please keep all sales under LJ-CUT.

7. If you are going to post your cell phone number or home phone, PLEASE MAKE SURE THE POST IS FRIENDS ONLY! You don't want to have creeps out there having your phone number!

8. Most importantly, have fun posting!

If you have any questions, please contact cinna_bun.

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