Amy the Yu (amy_the_yu) wrote in gta_lolita,
Amy the Yu

DS: Wardrobe clean out part 1 (JSKs and OPs) incl. META SWAN LAKE, BTSSB PRINCESS DROP, AP SWEET JAM

DS: 7 JSKs and 5 OPs...Metamorphose Swan Lake OP, Baby the Stars Shine Bright Princess Drop JSK, Angelic Pretty Sweet Jam JSK and more from these and Alice and the Pirates, Emily Temple Cute, Milk, Pina Sweet Collection, Innocent World, Atelier Pierrot and Cornet...ALL BETWEEN $90-$255! )

I'll be downtown every weekend between now and December 18, but I'll be stuck behind a table either selling at an art show by University/Bloor or at the MTCC during DTAC, so you'll have to come to me for weekend meet ups.  Otherwise, I live in Richmond Hill and if you drive, pick up is welcome on most weekdays.

Local lolis can pay in cash and/or in CDN$ (at par).
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