(orange milkman in disguise) (crownprince) wrote in gta_lolita,
(orange milkman in disguise)

Lolita Tea Party at Anime North 2010

You are cordially invited to:


If you are planning on attending, please do let us know of any allergies and/or dietary concerns and we will do our best to accommodate you as best as possible!!

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oh!! I'm definitely going :D
ME too! @ w @

We don't necessarily have to be in frills though right? Cuz I'll be in cosplay pretty much OTL;;;
No you do not~ As it says in the invitation above, lolitas and cosplayers will be charged the $5 entrance fee :)
I will hopefully come! I will most likely be in cosplay though...
Ah.. I have a (deathly) tree nut allergy myself (hazelnuts, walnuts, pecans, etc.) >////>
How severe is your allergy? Please provide me with as much details as you can so that we can accommodate you as best as possible so that you can attend the tea party~

If you prefer, feel free to PM me about it :)
It depends on the nut... direct contact with the nut = biiig no-no for me. I carry an epi-pen (or two) on me at all time, as well as liquid medicine jsut in case though. Products that say "May contain" are usually fine, unless it is a chocolate because there is not enough contact for me to react.
Hazelnuts however are very very bad.
I can smell them however, it is fine as long as I do not swallow them ^^'
Thanks for informing us!! We will keep that in mind when selecting cookies for the tea party :)!

I have asked about the french pastries (that will be catered by the hotel) to see if they are made with nuts. If it turns out that they do contain nuts, would you be fine with some cake or a cupcake instead?
Yes, I would be totally fine with that! ^-^ Thank you very much~
I MAY be able to go (I go to Anme North on sundays usually) , but iw as just curious- where is the terrace room? Do you walk into the hotel and have to ask where it is, or something...? D:
I'm still a closet lolita ; w ; I haven't been to meetups much.
The terrace room is the greenhouse-like room across from the Orchid cafe. It's right near the front of the Doubletree Hotel - walk through the main entrance into the lobby, turn left and walk a little down the hallway, it's located on your left - you can't miss it~!
yay! I will be there.
Since the tea party is held at Anime north do we have to pay the $30 or something dollars to get into anime north then pay the $5 or $10 to attend the tea party?
I'm selling some badges for 15$ if your interested. I have some left over from my group.