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SUNDAY oct 16!!"Japanophile" Yard Sale" kensington market

HIhi, I hope posting this here is alright. If not, please take down;)

My friend and I are going to do a yard sale in kensington market next sunday. We will be selling our j--pop, j-rock, anime, lolita, cosplay, etc related merchandise. I have a few lolita bibles(brand new never opened) that I need to part with, so if anyone here is interested, please drop by, say hi, and give our stuff new homes;)
we will also be selling snacks and listening to random music!!


please help spread this around to anyone you think would be interested;)
Sunday, October 16 · 12:00pm - 6:00pm

Thank you for your time;)

Canada's Next Top Lolita


DS: Wardrobe clean out part 1 (JSKs and OPs) incl. META SWAN LAKE, BTSSB PRINCESS DROP, AP SWEET JAM

DS: 7 JSKs and 5 OPs...Metamorphose Swan Lake OP, Baby the Stars Shine Bright Princess Drop JSK, Angelic Pretty Sweet Jam JSK and more from these and Alice and the Pirates, Emily Temple Cute, Milk, Pina Sweet Collection, Innocent World, Atelier Pierrot and Cornet...ALL BETWEEN $90-$255! )

I'll be downtown every weekend between now and December 18, but I'll be stuck behind a table either selling at an art show by University/Bloor or at the MTCC during DTAC, so you'll have to come to me for weekend meet ups.  Otherwise, I live in Richmond Hill and if you drive, pick up is welcome on most weekdays.

Local lolis can pay in cash and/or in CDN$ (at par).

My wedding dress

 Hello!! I think posted in here awhile ago about a wedding dress... probly dont remember me i was also part of this community years ago as littleblackraincloud.

Anywayssss I just got engaged a few weeks ago!! And for my dress I'm not settling on anything less than what I imagined... does anyone know how to sew their own dresses or for others if I give a few pictures of what I'm looking for? I will for sure pay you!! Please let me know...

I'm also thinking something along the lines of hime gyaru for my bridesmaids if anyone knows how to sew that type of style... or even if anyone knows of an online shop that ships worldwide and is in English!!

Any help would be appreciated, thaaaankss!! n_n

hello there :)

Hi ladies,

I will be leaving for Canada in two weeks, so it is time to plan a little. My husband and I made a detailed travel plan when to visit which place etc., but we left two afternoons free so we can plan a meetup, if some of you would like to go in for something.

Toronto: Saturday, Sept. 11th or Sunday, Sept. 12th (we'll pick the day that is easier for you)
Ottawa: Sunday, Sept. 19th.

If you have time to meet up on one of these days, please let me know. I'm a complete stranger in these cities, so please choose a meeting place that's easy to find for someone being there for the first time ^^° I'll be alone, my hubby will go sight-seeing a little (he's shy and doesn't like dressing up).

It would be a pleasure for me to meet you! :)